Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the Farm in New Zealand

OK We arrived OK & have settled in we are staying in a little cottage on the farm near the main house
I have started my new Job at Macraes Gold mine Its the coldest place I have ever worked I am told it gets down to 18 deg c below during the winter
To cold for me So I hope to have another job back in Australia or Asia by winter
The weather in general has been very bad since we have been here cold and windy most day even the real locals are saying the weather is worse the usual

We Jenifer has settled in very well She spends most days playing with my Brothers kids & is fitting in very well
She still keeps Pen very busy too though
We had a family get together a few days after arrival very good catching up with everyone & everyone seeing Jenifer for the first time
Jenifer has been to the Local Play centre a few times now & see does what kids do best play hard

She has done sheep work with us ,Vege Gardening a big out Door one + a Tunnel house ( Glass House)
for those plants that need warmth

We have also done a few trips to Dunedin & Oamaru to do some shopping

All is good but we are looking forward to getting back to Khon Kaen we we can to calm warm days everyday

Khon Kaen to Dunedin

We it was a very long journey We were up at 5am then off to the Khon Kaen Airport in the Piman Van
All went very well our flight was very good as usual to Bangkok

We had a few hours to Kill in Bangkok before we headed off to Singapore so lots of looking eating etc

In Singapore we had 7 Hours to wait for our next flight to Brisbane

Singapore is a good place to wait there is plenty to see and do but waiting tiring + trying to keep Jenifer entertained
Well we were on the plane and on our way Jenifer was in her Car seat ( a must for long journeys with kids)
She wasn't ready for sleeping though so we tried to keep her interested in the movies & games
in here seat
She finally fall asleep though
We arrived in Brisbane early morning then it was only a short wait until our next and last flight to Dunedin New Zealand

Jenifer slept most of the way from Brisbane to Dunedin We arrived in Dunedin at about 5pm a very long day for us about 29 hours all up
We were met by some of my Family
a short catch up then an hour in the Car to the farm

Saturday, November 7, 2009


A few days before the Big journey

Sorry I haven't updated for a while
We have been very busy here in New Zealand

We also cant get ADSL so it makes up loading of Photo's a very slow process
I will post this Post now and do one on the flight then a more up-to date post of here in New Zealand

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mini Me

Hahaha I just thought I would put this one in

Just tonight Jenifer was play with her mini car

We bought it for her about a year ago She can drive it or it can be used by Remote Contr0l

It cost us about about 2500 Thb about $80 au

I didn't think at the time that it would had lasted very long but it has

It has a rechargeable Motorbike Battery in it it doesnt go very fast as you can see

But Jenifer just loves it

She is learning very quickly now She wants to learn

The only thing is, We spoilt her before So now she thinks she should get her own way all the


Not so good She gets Brouhaha very vocal when she doesn't get her own way now

But Jenifer it time for a lesson in life Hahahahha

I remember when I was a kid I had a Peddle car for a while I think my Dad won it in a Raffle

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chocolate & Motorbike

Ok here She is all grown up These photo's are only a few weeks old

She loves Motor Bikes Big and small

She goes out & sits on the motorbike and yell out to Dad until I take her for a ride somewhere

Or she goes and get my Crash Helmet or just says Keys Keys Keys

So I take her for a ride around the Moo barn (Housing Estate) As you see the motor bike here

has a seat fitted to it This also fold down out of the way when Jenifer isn't around

These motor bikes are very good transport for short trips around town here in Khon Kaen

Its always warm here

The only problem here is the traffic Thai people really don't seem to know the traffic rules

I have even seen a Police man directing traffic at a roundabout, Roundabout really only have one

rule & thats give way to everybody that is on the roundabout

So there is always danger in that respect We dont have a helmet for Jenifer either as it seems to

be very hard to get one her size

Pen bought one for her but its to big, Helmets that are to big are not good and most times you

are better off not wearing one at all if its to big, Because in an accident if its too big on your head

it can cause your neck to broken

Well that's enough of the serious stuff

We were in Tesco a while back They had a Bouncy Castle Where Jenifer played for about half

an hour, Then when she got out she saw the Motorized 4 wheel bike

We gave her a go she just loved it The bike only went about 2 km h

She is a bit of a trill seeker just like her Dad

But when it came time to go, Oh no a screaming match

I had to grab her take her straight to the car she screamed the whole way People were looking

at me as if I was stealing someone's child, Not a good look I tell you

As soon as I got her into the car she was fine She just wanted her own way hahhaha

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A mixture of Photo's

OK for this one I thought I would put in a mixture of Photo's

Heading towards real time pictures of Jenifer

The one with Santa Jenifer was not empresses at all she didnt want to be sitting on

this old mans knee. I remember she was quite cross. She was even getting a mind

of her own at that age Hahahah this might be a bad sign for the future

The one where she is all rugged up must had been winter time in Perth happy in the

picture though sitting in her Graco Pram where she liked it being Chauffeur around

in style

The thinker is the one where she is in the brown jumper (Jersey)

We went to Mindari Keys in Perth where the Aqua Center is

& we went to cafe there for lunch Jenifer was doing what kids do best & keeping us


I have always said this photo looks like she is thinking about something


Well the last picture I think this is one of the best photo's of Jenifer this is before she

could walk or even crawl. Pen took this picture when I was working away I think

Nana was there at the time too.

This has to be an award wining picture.

Sorry for the mix up in age with the photo's

I am trying to catch up to present day but also

not missing out the best her times

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wow what a Grin

Wow what a grin eh

It was very hard to get a good picture of Jenifer when she was that age

The photo would be perfect then she would look away or do something to spoil the picture

Pen took this one with her Mobile phone at the same time she took the site header picture

Look at all of those teeth hahahah where are they

The other pictures where take at good friends of ours Marc & Mams Place

Had a full tummy that arvo

Thai people really like to put on a good spread

Mam is a very good cook, Pen and Mam like to get together have a good yarn & cook

Then feed their men lucky us eh

There is also a picture of the girls with Jenifer nestled in there

A lovely warm day in Perth with good food a beer & good company

What more could you ask for

Friday, October 9, 2009

How time goes by

The first picture here

when Jenifer was still

quite young

This was at a Furniture

shop in Armadale Perth

She is looking like a


We went out for a drive on this day we went to the Swan Valley

It a well known wine growing area on the out skirts of Perth

It was a gorgeous day too nice and hot just like I like it

Jenifer was enjoying a Bicky in this photo on this day

We had a couple of samples of the local wines very good to I

think we bough a couple of bottles too

Jenifer dressed in Pink being a show off hahahhaha

This pram she has is a Graco Pram

I highly recommend them they are very light very strong

& easy to use and also comfortable for the kids

Jenifer's was very comfy as hers had a woollen sheep

So when we would lay her down she can sleep comfortably

People used to ask where we bought it at shopping centres

I think we bought it at Toys are Us in Perth I think it was about $120 on special

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Something for fun

Here goes something for a bit of Fun

My Nephew Matt made this he seems to have a good talent here he will go far

It would take a long time to put this together and also have it all in sync

Well done Matt I take my hat off to you

One in A Million

Here is our little Angel again Strong enough to hold her own head now

Clothing is slowly changing more Fashion orientated now

Hahaha its good to look back through these Video's and Pictures she has changed so much now

I have a Video some where of Jenifer starts to walk and how pen enticed her to do it

Check this out I thought Pen had a great idea here

Those postal poster cylinders come in very handy

Please feel free to use this idea as we don't have a Patent on it hahahhaha

These Video's were taken when we lived in Armadale Perth Australia

Any way please sit back and enjoy Jenifer as she grows up

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Growing More alert every day

Hahahahah she is in her favourite place

In here Cot with here dummy in here mouth

There is few arguments yes SIDS over which is

the right and

wrong way for a baby to sleep

Some say on their side

Some say on their backs

We always had Jenifer on her back

Because when they are this age they cant turn over anyway

So we always thought on her back was the safest way

Her Cot was very nice we bought it off a friend

This is the best way to get one You will pay less than half price most times

& people always keep them very clean & tidy as it is their pride and joys Bed

Just be careful to when we came to Thailand to live we bought a new Cot a wood one with Draw

underneath very nice too

But they are much smaller than a Cot from a western country

Monday, October 5, 2009

Needing new cloths often now , Not Designer Label cloths yet

Here she is our beautiful little girl

I'm not sure what age she was here I think somewhere around 4 months

Its not hard to see she will be Winning Beauty Pageants when she is older

Not camera shy at all

But Dad is Hahahahah

She is getting older May have to put her on a Weight Loss Program

She was getting more active by the day more alert
Her eye's  following us now
Even the odd smile this is what its all about
Parenthood makes everyone very happy When ever we out shopping people wanted to take her picture with there phones
People were saying she was very special
We knew that she is very special to us
Its amazing how your life changes & I must say for the better

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A few days olds old

Here is Jenifer a few days old

A perfect little girl trying to get used to here new world

Mum Pen is already talking about the two of them going shopping

Putting on Make up Getting there Hair done Buying new shoes Pen loves Shoes & Bags

But we don't want her turning into a gossip-girl

Its not hard to see here she has my looks

At Birth

This is a Blog for Jenifer Born in Australia at the Armadale Hospital Perth

Her Mum Pen is a Tiny thing & gave birth to Jenifer

On the 4th April 07 Jenifer April was born

She was just under 4 kg at birth

I took this Picture with my phone & sent it off to friends all over the world