Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mini Me

Hahaha I just thought I would put this one in

Just tonight Jenifer was play with her mini car

We bought it for her about a year ago She can drive it or it can be used by Remote Contr0l

It cost us about about 2500 Thb about $80 au

I didn't think at the time that it would had lasted very long but it has

It has a rechargeable Motorbike Battery in it it doesnt go very fast as you can see

But Jenifer just loves it

She is learning very quickly now She wants to learn

The only thing is, We spoilt her before So now she thinks she should get her own way all the


Not so good She gets Brouhaha very vocal when she doesn't get her own way now

But Jenifer it time for a lesson in life Hahahahha

I remember when I was a kid I had a Peddle car for a while I think my Dad won it in a Raffle

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