Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chocolate & Motorbike

Ok here She is all grown up These photo's are only a few weeks old

She loves Motor Bikes Big and small

She goes out & sits on the motorbike and yell out to Dad until I take her for a ride somewhere

Or she goes and get my Crash Helmet or just says Keys Keys Keys

So I take her for a ride around the Moo barn (Housing Estate) As you see the motor bike here

has a seat fitted to it This also fold down out of the way when Jenifer isn't around

These motor bikes are very good transport for short trips around town here in Khon Kaen

Its always warm here

The only problem here is the traffic Thai people really don't seem to know the traffic rules

I have even seen a Police man directing traffic at a roundabout, Roundabout really only have one

rule & thats give way to everybody that is on the roundabout

So there is always danger in that respect We dont have a helmet for Jenifer either as it seems to

be very hard to get one her size

Pen bought one for her but its to big, Helmets that are to big are not good and most times you

are better off not wearing one at all if its to big, Because in an accident if its too big on your head

it can cause your neck to broken

Well that's enough of the serious stuff

We were in Tesco a while back They had a Bouncy Castle Where Jenifer played for about half

an hour, Then when she got out she saw the Motorized 4 wheel bike

We gave her a go she just loved it The bike only went about 2 km h

She is a bit of a trill seeker just like her Dad

But when it came time to go, Oh no a screaming match

I had to grab her take her straight to the car she screamed the whole way People were looking

at me as if I was stealing someone's child, Not a good look I tell you

As soon as I got her into the car she was fine She just wanted her own way hahhaha

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