Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Growing More alert every day

Hahahahah she is in her favourite place

In here Cot with here dummy in here mouth

There is few arguments yes SIDS over which is

the right and

wrong way for a baby to sleep

Some say on their side

Some say on their backs

We always had Jenifer on her back

Because when they are this age they cant turn over anyway

So we always thought on her back was the safest way

Her Cot was very nice we bought it off a friend

This is the best way to get one You will pay less than half price most times

& people always keep them very clean & tidy as it is their pride and joys Bed

Just be careful to when we came to Thailand to live we bought a new Cot a wood one with Draw

underneath very nice too

But they are much smaller than a Cot from a western country

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