Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the Farm in New Zealand

OK We arrived OK & have settled in we are staying in a little cottage on the farm near the main house
I have started my new Job at Macraes Gold mine Its the coldest place I have ever worked I am told it gets down to 18 deg c below during the winter
To cold for me So I hope to have another job back in Australia or Asia by winter
The weather in general has been very bad since we have been here cold and windy most day even the real locals are saying the weather is worse the usual

We Jenifer has settled in very well She spends most days playing with my Brothers kids & is fitting in very well
She still keeps Pen very busy too though
We had a family get together a few days after arrival very good catching up with everyone & everyone seeing Jenifer for the first time
Jenifer has been to the Local Play centre a few times now & see does what kids do best play hard

She has done sheep work with us ,Vege Gardening a big out Door one + a Tunnel house ( Glass House)
for those plants that need warmth

We have also done a few trips to Dunedin & Oamaru to do some shopping

All is good but we are looking forward to getting back to Khon Kaen we we can to calm warm days everyday

Khon Kaen to Dunedin

We it was a very long journey We were up at 5am then off to the Khon Kaen Airport in the Piman Van
All went very well our flight was very good as usual to Bangkok

We had a few hours to Kill in Bangkok before we headed off to Singapore so lots of looking eating etc

In Singapore we had 7 Hours to wait for our next flight to Brisbane

Singapore is a good place to wait there is plenty to see and do but waiting tiring + trying to keep Jenifer entertained
Well we were on the plane and on our way Jenifer was in her Car seat ( a must for long journeys with kids)
She wasn't ready for sleeping though so we tried to keep her interested in the movies & games
in here seat
She finally fall asleep though
We arrived in Brisbane early morning then it was only a short wait until our next and last flight to Dunedin New Zealand

Jenifer slept most of the way from Brisbane to Dunedin We arrived in Dunedin at about 5pm a very long day for us about 29 hours all up
We were met by some of my Family
a short catch up then an hour in the Car to the farm