Saturday, October 17, 2009

A mixture of Photo's

OK for this one I thought I would put in a mixture of Photo's

Heading towards real time pictures of Jenifer

The one with Santa Jenifer was not empresses at all she didnt want to be sitting on

this old mans knee. I remember she was quite cross. She was even getting a mind

of her own at that age Hahahah this might be a bad sign for the future

The one where she is all rugged up must had been winter time in Perth happy in the

picture though sitting in her Graco Pram where she liked it being Chauffeur around

in style

The thinker is the one where she is in the brown jumper (Jersey)

We went to Mindari Keys in Perth where the Aqua Center is

& we went to cafe there for lunch Jenifer was doing what kids do best & keeping us


I have always said this photo looks like she is thinking about something


Well the last picture I think this is one of the best photo's of Jenifer this is before she

could walk or even crawl. Pen took this picture when I was working away I think

Nana was there at the time too.

This has to be an award wining picture.

Sorry for the mix up in age with the photo's

I am trying to catch up to present day but also

not missing out the best her times

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