Friday, October 9, 2009

How time goes by

The first picture here

when Jenifer was still

quite young

This was at a Furniture

shop in Armadale Perth

She is looking like a


We went out for a drive on this day we went to the Swan Valley

It a well known wine growing area on the out skirts of Perth

It was a gorgeous day too nice and hot just like I like it

Jenifer was enjoying a Bicky in this photo on this day

We had a couple of samples of the local wines very good to I

think we bough a couple of bottles too

Jenifer dressed in Pink being a show off hahahhaha

This pram she has is a Graco Pram

I highly recommend them they are very light very strong

& easy to use and also comfortable for the kids

Jenifer's was very comfy as hers had a woollen sheep

So when we would lay her down she can sleep comfortably

People used to ask where we bought it at shopping centres

I think we bought it at Toys are Us in Perth I think it was about $120 on special

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